What is Osteopathic treatment?
Treatment may include soft tissue techniques, rhythmic passive joint mobilization or high velocity thrust techniques designed to improve spinal mobility and the range of joint movement.
What do Osteopaths Treat?
Although commonly used to treat back pain, osteopathic treatment can benefit a range of conditions. A more comprehensive list is included in the About Osteopathy section.
Why should I go to an Osteopath?
Osteopathy is a safe and effective approach to the treatment of pain and impaired movement. Treatment is neither invasive nor reliant on the pharmaceutical drugs, but embraces a holistic approach to encourage the patient's own natural healing mechanisms. Patient's find that their back pain and other problems are not only cured, but they are also given specific advice and exercises to prevent future incidents of pain and immobility.
Is Osteopathy suitable for my child?
Osteopathy is a gentle yet very powerful form of treatment effective across all age ranges - and is particularly helpful for many childhood conditions. Mechanical stresses may be an important factor in the delayed development of children, such as, speech and educational difficulties from birth trauma, head impact or falls. Cranium compression during birth or prolonged labour may result in shock and trauma being absorbed into a baby's overall mechanism. This may be one of the causes of colic and associated ailments.
Do I need to see my GP before making an appointment?
You do not need to see your doctor before seeing an Osteopath. If further investigations are required your GP may be consulted, but only with your consent.
Does Osteopathic treatment have side-effects?
Osteopathy is a very safe and effective form of treatment. Some patients may experience some discomfort for a day or two after treatment, but this usually subsides quickly. It is always a good idea to take it easy after treatment to allow the body to recover. Please call us if you have any concerns.
Is Osteopathic treatment expensive?
Although many people believe alternative therapies such as Osteopathy to be expensive, you may be surprised at the reasonable cost of your treatments.  
How many treatments will I need?
On your first visit you will be advised on the approximate number of treatments you will require. Obviously this will depend on factors such as your age, general health, work and lifestyle as well as the nature of your condition and how long you have had the symptoms.
Will treatment be covered by my medical insurance?
Most private health insurance companies cover Osteopathy. Please contact your medical insurance company to clarify the terms of your policy.
How do I know my Osteopath is fully qualified?
All Osteopaths are skilled practitioners, have trained to a high level and are registered with, and regulated by Osteopaths Registration Board. Search the register for certified Osteopaths http://www.osteoboard.vic.gov.au/ You will find us under Registration # 98.
Osteopaths have medical malpractice insurance and statutory regulation ensures that patients have the same safeguards as when they consult a doctor or dentist.